We are the Heritage Academy

Putting heritage centre stage

We believe our history defines our identity and is a very important unifying factor in society. We want our heritage to be preserved and to be relevant to society and its challenges. Competent heritage professionals are therefore indispensable. We aim to increase knowledge and skills for government bodies, companies and other organisations with our offering. We do this in-person or online in our studio, and for national and international contacts. Together with our knowledge partners in all heritage domains, we promote professionalism in the heritage sector.

Peter de la Mar Joriskerk

Our story

Our team of permanent staff and tutors are committed to promoting a professional heritage sector. Heritage professionals can come to us for continuing education on current heritage topics. 

Online, offline, blended and hybrid heritage courses, local, national and international

We provide heritage courses, online in our studio, in-person at heritage sites, or a combination of both, tailored to client needs and on current themes. We offer the insight and skills needed to use heritage as a source of inspiration for the challenges society is currently facing. We have been doing this for more than 35 years, with a small and entrepreneurial team and with immense pleasure. Besides courses and webinars for the Dutch heritage sector, we also have a range of (online) courses for heritage institutions in other countries: from webinars to training courses, and from workshops to conferences. 

Current developments

Heritage connects us and is an important part of our identity. The heritage sector is very dynamic and is facing many challenges. We also note that heritage is increasingly linked to social themes such as sustainability, energy transition and democratisation. Which is why heritage professionals need to collaborate with colleagues on these topics, and this is changing their role. Heritage professionals need to acquire new skills and expand their networks. This is why we unlock and connect knowledge and skills regarding heritage in such a way that professionals can apply this in their daily work. 

Together with our partners

To achieve our goal, we work together with knowledge partners in all heritage domains. We use our extensive network of specialists to open the world of heritage for all professionals who come into contact with heritage. We help them apply what they have learned in practice. As one of the few heritage training providers, we are active in all domains: monuments, landscapes, archaeology, collections and museums, as well as intangible heritage. 

What can we do for you?

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Please contact Heritage Academy director, Yvonne Ploum, at y.ploum@erfgoedacademie.nl.